Work with Imbali

At Imbali, we value partners. We believe in working with people, on an equal footing. This is true for our authors as well as our other partners;  the people who help us edit, style and print our books, the people who help us sell and market our books passionately – and any other partner who would like to be part of our adventure.

You may know us from our journeys at other publishing houses – Liesbet, Glendor or Ute – or you may not have met us before. It does not matter 🙂 We are passionately looking forward to creating new bonds and meeting many new people, so that together we can help southern African writers, creatives and to-be-writers craft, hone – and share – their stories.

All three of us have arrived at this point, the point of starting Imbali, due to our shared passion for the creative process of writing and storytelling.  Each journey is different to the next, as is the process necessary to arrive at a unique and spell-binding tale.   

We also invite the multitude of readers, of fiction and non-fiction, of literature and language, and the lecturers and students who create and learn from textbooks, to get in touch and share with us what it is they are looking for in a text. What engages you, the reader and the learner? What helps you continue reading the relevant book, and then look for more?  

We also would love to hear from you, the critics and critical readers and reviewers, those with the eagle eye that misses nothing… How can all of us stimulate our local writing and reading scene in such a way, that a multitude of stories will start to be crafted, shared and heard?  Get in touch with us using the form below to discuss your thoughts and ideas.