3 + 3 = 8? – The power of working together

At Imbali we understand the power of people working together. We believe and know that two creatives arrive at many more amazing ideas than one working on his or her own.

We therefore invite not only all the creatives, but everyone working in the multiple spheres of education and learning, teaching and training, writing and thinking, to join us.

Imagine the power that language and literature embrace. Whether fiction or non-fiction – let’s discuss the possibilities of turning your dreams and ideas into fables or facts that our readers will be compelled to read, and read again.

This invitation is directed not only at individuals, but also at companies. We invite you to look at our corporate profile on our home page, which details our mission, our objectives and our purpose, what we strongly believe in, what we dream about – and how we envisage being part of the local environment that supports, encourages and enables reading and writing, learning and teaching.

We already have a few partners listed on our webpage. Yes, isn’t it exciting! These are shortly due to grow by another few… Imagine if we can work together, how much stronger and more effective our combined reach, our impact and our work can become!