The Imbali Online Shop – helps sell your books!

Today, in our ever-more connected, open world, everyone can be a writer. The internet and modern technology enables everyone to tell their story and become an author – and to publish their books. Isn’t it exciting!

The challenge lies with getting those books to their market and to the readers.

This is where the Imbali Shop can step in! We can load your titles onto our website and make their content and covers visible and available to readers in the Shop.

At the press of a button, readers can order a copy of the desired book, effortlessly pay for it online – and receive it within a couple of days. Voila! – it is just like magic!

We also help you promote and market your titles, via our website and other social media outlets. You say the word, we discuss the options and opportunities – and come up with a solution proposal for your particular content and your specific market. That is how easy it really is!

We also offer advice to people who are interesting in self-publishing their books. We have a range of knowledgeable and committed connections who can assist with the actual process – and we’ll gladly point you in their direction! And then we can market and sell your titles in our Online Shop! Isn’t that what you really want – all-round help and support?