So, you want to be an author?

We know you are passionate about your idea and what you have written. You have spent a lot of time on it and you think you are ready to approach a publisher.

Have other people read your work? Have you rewritten your manuscript and have people read and comment on it again?

You cannot revise enough! If you are a first-time author, you cannot expect to come up with a brilliant piece of work without putting in a lot of thought and time. You need to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, until you, on your own, cannot improve on it anymore. Even then, you have to consider that it can always be improved by someone with a fresh perspective. You should be open to comments, reviews and suggestions and to reworking your text

We receive many submissions of manuscripts and writing ideas. You need to ensure that yours stands out from the rest. What makes your work special? Why would readers buy the book? How is it original? How does it differ from other books in the same genre? What is your unique approach? What makes you infinitely qualified to write this book? What is it about your work that will fascinate readers? What will convince them to spend their hard-earned money? All these elements make up the unique selling features we use when deciding on publishing a book and then on marketing it to its potential readers and the booksellers that make the book available.

What we need:

It requires time and expertise to read. engage with and research all the writing ideas and the manuscripts. And time is money! Most of these ideas and manuscripts do not generate an income for Imbali. Everyone needs to earn an income and therefore we cannot offer all our professional input, our research and advice completely free of charge throughout the full process.



  1. Use the author questionnaire to formulate your thoughts about your idea or your market insights into your manuscript.
  2. Send us your manuscript or at least three representative chapters.
  3. We review your submission.
Step two: Review of first submission and part of manuscript

(R2 000)

  1. If we are interested to explore the publication further, we inform you that you made it into our external review phase.  
  2. Should you wish us to proceed, then this fee will need to be paid in advance.
  3. We have your submission reviewed by an external reviewer or reader who will make recommendations based on what they find.
  4. It could happen that the reviewer does not see publishing potential with this manuscript. Then we will turn it down.  
  5. This fee is not refundable, whether we proceed with the manuscript or not.

External review of your manuscript: An expert in your genre will review your manuscript and provide feedback regarding your story-line, writing style and other integral issues needed to write a successful book. The full reader’s review will be made available to you, to assist in your rewriting of the manuscript. The reader’s review fee is payable by the author of the manuscript, as it is considered part of the process of preparing a manuscript for publication purposes.

Step 3: The author to finalise the manuscript for next round

(No cost to author - FREE)

  1. Use the guidelines provided by the reviewer to rework or complete your manuscript.
  2. Give Imbali a submission date for the rough manuscript.
Step 4: Review of second submission and full manuscript

(R4 000)

  1. When we receive the manuscript submission, we review the manuscript.
  2. The manuscript could be sent back to the reviewer to assess progress or for further recommendation.
  3. Based on the reviewer’s findings, we determine whether the manuscript is ready for production, in other words, can we start with editing, typesetting, proofreading, etc.
  4. A publishing contract is only offered to the author, once Imbali has received a manuscript that is considered ready to go into production and then be published.
  5. The indicated fee is a handling fee and is not refundable.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, then we shall discuss our contract options with you, i.e. the details of the profit- and cost-share arrangement that we offer.

More information in this regard can be obtained from us.

Should we reject your manuscript, then we endeavour to destroy the copy that you provided us with, in line with recent Intellectual Property and Copyright regulations.