So, you want to write a book?

Either you have already written a chapter or two, or you are thinking about it – true? Some people write a whole book and then knock on publishers’ doors – only to discover that their manuscript may not be ready to be published…

Here are some guidelines and questions to answer before you take your book idea to a publisher:

  • Think deeply about your idea, your storyline, the purpose of your story or content.
  • Do a bit of market research: is something like this already available?
  • How is your manuscript different or unique? This will also help you when selling the concept to the publisher.
  • Why would people want to read your book? Come up with a list of reasons or a motivation. Who is your intended reader? What is your planned market?
  • Why would people want to spend money on your book?
  • Who are you as an author? How do you relate to your characters and the storyline?
  • If it is an academic text, what would make your text interesting to students? What would help them engage with the content?
  • Do you move beyond the curriculum and maybe teach them essential technology, digital or 21st century skills?
  • How are you drawing the reader into the text? Is your reader passive or would you like her/him to participate in the writing of the story or the content?

If you’ve done your homework, consider talking to a publisher before you invest too much time, energy and passion into writing a whole manuscript. The publisher can provide you with valuable guidance regarding your planned book – and the questions above will guide you in this regard. So, do not hesitate to approach us with your bright-spark idea!

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