Marketing policy for online shop titles


At Imbali we publish books under two imprints – Academic, and Trade & General – and we offer books for purchase on our Imbali Online Shop.

The books on Imbali Online Shop may have been self-published by an author or they may represent the lists of other publishing houses, who want to use the Imbali Online Shop, to be able to offer interested buyers another avenue to purchase titles. An agreement is signed with Imbali in this regard.

In the latter case, should the self-published authors or the publishing houses so wish, we can offer them an appropriate marketing service. On top of listing their title/s or list/s for sale, we can come to a separate agreement to market the title or lists for them.

The Marketing service could contain the following elements:

  • Promotional posts about the title or titles on our social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter (depending on the nature of the publication and the intended market)
  • Investigate further, more specialised promotional opportunities for the title or list, in order to get more exposure – and of course, better sales! This could typically be:
    • Author events or talks, readings of the title.
    • Radio talk shows or television talk shows.
    • Editorial coverage of certain titles in magazines or newspapers.

Each agreement would be customised according to the nature of the title or titles, the relevant markets and readers to be reached. Costs for these campaigns would be arrived at accordingly.