Launching Imbali – a dream come true!

Three short months ago, we had our first Imbali meeting – imagine that! Last Wednesday night all our thinking, planning and en-visioning… culminated in the launch of Imbali Academic Publishers and Imbali General & Trade Publishers at the aptly chosen, historical and commemorative National Library’s Centre for the Book. Bang!

A company launch … why, you may ask? As a publishing company we will have regular book launches, but a company launch is different. Let us explain…

In the past few weeks we’ve been whipping up a social media storm. Surely, one would think that our presence on social media would be enough to tell the world about our company, what with all our posts and handles, shares and hashtags – and that we mean business!

The bit of magic that happens at a company launch is all about people. Real people, smiling, walking through the rain in Cape Town on a cold Wednesday, entering the warm, inviting launch space. Friends, colleagues and family all with joy and pride on their faces. Hugging someone, a colleague or a friend they haven’t seen for a long time, dusting the rain off their shoulders. We were all reminded of what brought us together in the first place – an idea transformed into words, a story… first thought, then written, and finally, published! Something new, concrete and magical emerging from something as ephemeral as an idea.

There was warmth, there was sharing, there was a celebration of our new beginning!

Excellent networking took place; publishers, project managers and freelancers met for the first time – or again. Business cards were exchanged. Our bookmarks were grabbed! Yes, that is what we love! We want to share in building relationships around this industry which means so much to us.

Now that you’ve heard about Imbali and you wonder who we really are, explore our social media spaces… Engage with us. Ask us questions.

Get to know us better! Keep watching our spaces. You will be surprised by the things we are planning! Like the flower that inspired our logo, the March lily that shows few signs of life and then, suddenly, when it is ready to bloom, it shoots up its beautiful flowers, stealthily and powerfully.