Writing your Historical Novel

Writing Historical Novels

It was Ernest Hemingway who once said, ‘there is nothing to writing. You just sit at a typewriter, and bleed.’ If you don’t mind the idea of a little metaphorical blood-letting, here are a few tips I have found helpful over the years.

Researching your Historical Novel

Researching your Historical Novels

The idea of researching a historical novel can seem a daunting task, but if you’ve chosen a period you’re genuinely interested in, then you should find yourself down a rabbit hole full of boundless, inspirational ideas for both your plot and your characters.

The South African Book Fair 2017

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I attended this year’s South African Book Fair at the Newtown Precinct in Johannesburg – so allow me share this exciting experience with you!

The Imbali Online Shop – helps sell your books!

Today, in our ever-more connected, open world, everyone can be a writer. The internet and modern technology enables everyone to tell their story and become an author – and to publish their books. Isn’t it exciting!

Need some print production information?

Believe it or not, for those curious ones out there – we have some fascinating print production information…

At Imbali, our publications are individually and carefully assessed, planned and produced.

Launching Imbali – a dream come true!

Three short months ago, we had our first Imbali meeting – imagine that! All our thinking, planning and en-visioning… culminated in the launch of Imbali Academic Publishers and Imbali General & Trade Publishers at the aptly chosen, historical and commemorative National Library’s Centre for the Book. Bang!

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