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Today, in our ever-more connected, open world, everyone can be a writer. The internet and modern technology enables everyone to tell their story and become an author – and to publish their books. Isn’t it exciting!

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Believe it or not, for those curious ones out there – we have some fascinating print production information…

At Imbali, our publications are individually and carefully assessed, planned and produced.

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At Imbali, we value partners. We believe in working with people, on an equal footing. This is true for our authors as well as our other partners;  the people who help us edit, style and print our books, the people who help us sell and market our books passionately – and any other partner who would like to be part of our adventure.

So, you want to write a book?

Either you have already written a chapter or two, or you are thinking about it – true? Some people write a whole book and then knock on publishers’ doors – only to discover that their manuscript may not be ready to be published.