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The 21st century requires the reimagining of the publishing model. Some of the most relevant and thought-provoking manuscripts are never published because they are considered financially unprofitable. Publishers have forgotten their original mission: to curate, cultivate and provide access to knowledge. Our approach breaks away from standard publishing practices, aiming to be a fresh alternative in an exciting new world.


we are writing a new story in publishing

Imbali Academic Publishers was founded by a trio of publishing professionals, Liesbet van Wyk, Ute Späth and Glendor Crouch. With close to a century of combined publishing experience, the founders have vast knowledge of the complete publishing process, including market research, commissioning, content and product development, production, printing, marketing, sales and distribution. Under the Imbali General & Trade Publishers imprint, we want to explore and highlight the richness of southern African people and their stories.

Glendor Crouch

Glendor is well known in the printing industry. She has held management positions at Kagiso, Juta and Novus Holdings and was a Director and Shareholder at Gariep Publishing and Mega Digital.

Liesbet van Wyk

After a career in academia and media, Liesbet found her calling in academic publishing where she worked in publishing and content development for Butterworths, Heinemann, Juta and Pearson.

Ute Späth

Ute started her career in marketing and sales; then discovered her passion in publishing, working for Juta, Heinemann and Pearson in various management and directorship positions.

We harness the power of the written, spoken, and imagined word — honing the influence of storytelling to foster an integrated, future-facing and self-assured Southern Africa.

Got a story to tell? Let’s hear your thoughts and ideas.


Benefits for the Author

We see the relationship between author and publisher as an active partnership, where both parties stand to gain from a successful publication. As a result of our flexible contracts and innovative publishing solutions, we are in a position to publish books on merit.

  • Retain copyright

    Authors remain the owners of their content after publishing.

  • Adaptable contracts

    We have developed a range of contract options that are adaptable.

  • Profit and cost share options

    Unique cost and profit sharing agreements are available.

  • Marketing and distribution

    We offer an end-to-end solution for marketing and distribution.

  • Personalised partnerships

    We have a partnership-approach that is mutually beneficial.

  • Niche-market focus

    We also focus on original and new niche-market content for academic, fiction and non-fiction titles.

  • Language diversity

    Our inclusive approach cultivates knowledge creation in South Africa’s official languages.

our ethos

Publishers play a crucial role in the curation and cultivation of knowledge, but in the modern era two trends have whittled down the publisher’s role: a quest for higher margins, and the free access to content through digital means. Our vision is the open, equal and equitable sharing of knowledge.

  • We believe that education, learning and access to knowledge constitute a fundamental human right.
  • We believe in Open Access principles, and strive to make select content available free of charge.
  • We believe in making content available to the reader in their desired format, to publish and distribute content in print and digital versions.
  • We believe in presenting vital information, designed to deliver the right content, to the chosen reader, packaged in the manner in which they prefer to consume material.
  • We believe in including supplementary and support material in line with student and lecturer needs.

Why choose Imbali

At Imbali, we nurture the power of ‘local’ and respect the work that goes into creating content. As such, the copyright always belongs to the originator and creator of the content published by us.

We are proudly South African, living and working in a global world — and we strive to align ourselves with like-minded partners, to unleash the potential that knowledge and literature can unlock.

We are passionate about the function of both the written and the spoken word in learning. Our ultimate objective is to become partners in the learning and education dialogues across Southern Africa.

We enthusiastically support mother-tongue learning, and encourage reading and writing in a diverse language environment.

We publish content in various languages, as we cultivate multilingual collaboration of readers in various learning spaces.

Our work is guided by the way Southern Africans live and relate to one another in the 21st century. With a mission to improve literacy and encourage reading and writing, we support innovative, holistic education policy initiatives and commit to engage in relatable and meaningful dialogues; through our ways of viewing the world, our curricula, our content, our research approaches, our data and our representation.

We are committed to knowledge creation for and by adolescents and young people. This entails supporting their various dialogues; on, among others, subjects like mental and sexual health, developing their identity, using technology and making sense of the world they live in.


While we promote local content, we have an in-depth understanding of the global application of such content. We furthermore strive to review and consider the complex relationships between teaching and learning, and literature and language in everything that we do.

our imprints

Imbali Academic Publishers was established to provide an alternative service offering to local authors, students, lecturers and general readers. Under our flagship imprint we produce books, learning materials and e-learning products for the academic market.

Under our separate imprint, Imbali General & Trade Publishers, we want to explore and highlight the richness of southern African people and their stories. This imprint includes both fiction and non-fiction, embracing the language variety spoken in the country.

our partners


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